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The history of the mountain town of St. Andreasberg is closely connected with silver ore mining. The town was first mentioned in a document in 1487. St. Andreasberg was granted city rights in 1537. The former silver mining town has retained its original character with its colourful wooden houses, quaint streets and alleyways in the lower town. But even in the upper town, for example in the Schützenstraße, you can still see partially lovingly designed small Oberharz houses.

After the closure of the last silver ore mine in 1910, the development of the town as a mountain resort accelerated. St. Andreasberg is now a health resort in the Harz National Park.

The town of St. Andreasberg is located on a hilltop at 600 to 900 metres altitude. The small and romantic mountain town is surrounded in the summer by fragrant meadows with their unparalleled richness of species.

The favourable climatic situation of the Upper Harz at 600 metres altitude has always provided good conditions for winter sports. In winter, an attractive holiday destination is emerging in the midst of the Upper Harz with the Ski stadiums “Matthias-Schmidt-Berg” and “Sonnenberg”. The 550 metre-long summer toboggan run, the newly refurbished mountain bike and downhill adventure park, as well as the traditional annual festivals and a colourful entertainment program offer fun for the whole family.

Hikers awaits a hiking network of about 200 km with the two car-free forest restaurants, the Rehberger Grabenhaus, located on Rehberger Graben, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage site Oberharz Water Management and the restaurant Rinderstall. There are steep roads and beautiful hiking trails through mountains and meadows with wonderful views. The area also has a special appeal for mountain bikers. And, adventurers can find their fun climbing, kayaking and in ultimate experience holidays.

With approximately 3,000 beds in hotels, pensions, apartments and holiday homes, the community with 1,700 inhabitants offers every holidaymaker their desired type of accommodation.


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