You must see this!

Samson Pit

The mining industry has a centuries old tradition in St. Andreasberg. During its working life, the historic Samson Pit silver mine was among the deepest mines in the world. The Samson Pit mining museum shows mining technology from the 18th and 19th centuries and is still partially conserved in its original state.

Harzer Roller Canary Bird Museum

For over 200 years St. Andreasberg has been known as the centre for canary bird breeding, which was of great economic importance for the people. A visit to the Harzer Roller Canary Bird Museum is a really exciting journey into the past. The museum is not wheelchair accessible.

St. Andreasberg National Park House

The National Park House was opened in 1998 as an information and education facility for visitors to the Harz national park. Numerous exhibitions and constantly new actions excitingly and entertainingly inform visitors about the natural and cultural landscapes of the Harz.


Events in St. Andreasberg and the surrounding area.


Good food and beverages in and around St. Andreasberg.