Cozy barbecue cabin for up to 15 people

Our rustic barbecue cabin, based on the Finnish model provides the perfect conditions all year round for unforgettable hours around the grill. The traditional design with round logs from the finest Polar pine and the spacious interior provide a very special feel-good atmosphere. The barbecue cabin is well protected from wind and weather and the grill ensures pleasant temperatures even on cold days; ie. even during a winter holiday you can enjoy grilled specialties to your heart’s content. Or how about, for example, delicious flamed salmon Finnish style?

  • Room for up to 15 people
  • Barbecue enjoyment all year round, even in winter
  • 2 tilt grills
  • Large grilling grate, can also be used for flamed salmon
  • Large swing grill pan
  • Height adjustable smoke extractor

The use of the barbecue cabin is free of charge for our guests!

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